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SIM card registration lags behind, only 13% comply



SIM card registration lags behind, only 13% comply

Only 300,000 mobile phone users in Mauritius have agreed for the re-registration of their cards in compliance with controversial new regulations.

This represents 13% of the total amount of SIM cards currently active in Mauritius (2.5million).

The regulations, in effect since October 31, 2023, are a response to a drug trafficking investigation, officially to strengthen protection against fraud, identity theft, and malicious activities.

The 2023 regulations on Information and Communication Technologies (SIM Registration) require all SIM card holders to re-register their card and this process must be completed by April 30 this year, or else unregistered SIM cards will be deactivated.

The new regulations aim to ensure each SIM card is registered to a known user. Users can re-register online through operator websites or apps, or in person.

The law has however sparked controversy, with questions raised about the security of data stored by operators and the timing of such a law.

But the government maintains the importance of the initiative to protect against illegal activities.

Lawyer Rama Valayden and social activist Ivor Tan Yan have filed a constitutional complaint against the compulsory re-registration in the Supreme Court. The State will respond to their complaint in the Supreme Court on February 15.

Labour MP Arvin Boolell had earlier advised against re-registering SIM cards until the Supreme Court announces its ruling. 

Source: Le Mauricien

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