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70 Firms Power Up Solar Revolution Plans in Mauritius



70 Firms Power Up Solar Revolution Plans in Mauritius

Around 70 companies in Mauritius have shown interest in contributing up to 200 MW of solar energy as part of the country’s renewable energy scheme. Minister Joe Lesjongard inaugurated a new solar plant at Arsenal, developed by GreenYellow Indian Ocean Green, a subsidiary of the French company GreenYellow.

This project resulted from a formal agreement with the Central Electricity Board (CEB) for the construction of photovoltaic plants. The solar plant is expected to be connected to the CEB network by the end of the month, with an export capacity of 10 MW.

A competitive tender process awarded the contract for the 10 MW plant to GreenYellow at a rate of 2.74 rupees per kWh. The Minister sees these projects as crucial to achieving the government’s goal of 60% renewable energy by 2030.

Additional solar plants with 10 MW capacity are in the pipeline for construction. Minister Lesjongard stressed the importance of green energy solutions for nations like Mauritius facing environmental challenges. The CEB sees the Arsenal solar plant as a significant step towards sustainable energy transition in the country.

Around 127 MW of solar energy have already been integrated into the national grid. GreenYellow completed the project efficiently in just eight months, covering 12 hectares of land. The solar plant is expected to produce 22.5 GWh annually, contributing significantly to the country’s clean energy mix.

The Minister highlighted that Mauritius is among the countries most exposed to natural disasters, making renewable energy adoption crucial. The Arsenal solar plant signifies a collective commitment to sustainable energy solutions in Mauritius.

Source: Defi Media

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