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New Restaurant Nenban Opens in Bagatelle Mall



New Restaurant Nenban Opens in Bagatelle Mall
Image source: l'Express

The Parasuraman family, owners of the renowned Amigo Group, has expanded their culinary empire with the launch of a new restaurant, Nenban, located at 42 Market Street. The restaurant is a family-run business managed by Nalini Parasuraman and her three sons, Kavinen, Yovissen, and Kovishen.

The Parasuraman family’s journey in the culinary world began with the opening of Amigo in 1985 by their grandfather, Kavinen Parasuraman’s father.

The restaurant quickly gained a reputation for its refined cuisine and cozy atmosphere, becoming a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

After the success of Amigo, the family felt the need to diversify their culinary offerings and take on a new challenge.

This led to the opening of Nenban, which aims to explore and celebrate the rich cuisine of southern India and fuse it with Mauritian influences.

New Restaurant Nenban Opens in Bagatelle Mall

The name “Nenban” means “friend” in Tamil, reflecting the family’s philosophy of creating a warm and welcoming environment where every customer feels like an old friend.

The name also embodies the values of human warmth and hospitality that are at the heart of Nenban’s culinary experience.

New Restaurant Nenban Opens in Bagatelle Mall

The menu features dishes designed to offer authentic flavors while incorporating local ingredients and techniques.

For example, traditional southern Indian recipes are enhanced with spices commonly used in Mauritian cuisine to create unique and innovative flavors.

Signature dishes include Dosa Masala, butter chicken, fish molee, tiger prawns thokku, and the signature Nenban seafood platter.

New Restaurant Nenban Opens in Bagatelle Mall

However, the opening of Nenban presented some challenges. “Finding and training staff specialized in southern Indian cuisine was a complex task. Adapting traditional recipes to local tastes while preserving authenticity was also a significant challenge,” said Kavinen Parasuraman, one of the directors of Amigo Group.

To manage their family-run business, Nalini Parasuraman and her sons have divided responsibilities evenly and complementarily.

Together, they oversee financial management, restaurant operations, menu creation, marketing strategies, and bar concepts.

New Restaurant Nenban Opens in Bagatelle Mall

“This harmonious division of tasks ensures the smooth functioning and success of our different establishments,” Kavinen added.

The Parasuraman family is not stopping there. They aim to expand their business by setting up training programs to improve staff skills, exploring other regional and international cuisines, and innovating their offerings to stay ahead of the competition.

For those who dream of starting and succeeding in the restaurant industry, Kavinen Parasuraman emphasized the importance of passion, collaboration, and innovation.

He advised defining roles clearly within the family to avoid conflicts, maintaining high-quality standards in food and service, being open to innovation, adapting offerings to market trends, and fostering open communication within the family for harmonious management.

With Nenban’s launch, the Parasuraman family has once again demonstrated their commitment to excellence in the culinary world.

Source: l’Express

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