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Budget 2024: ACIM Calls for Fresh Perspective



Budget 2024: ACIM Calls for Fresh Perspective

The recently announced budget for 2024-2025 is filled with electoral measures aimed at pleasing potential voters. One of the primary groups targeted by the Minister of Finance is the 260,000 pensioners. A series of measures have been announced, particularly in the social sphere, but none have been taken to combat inflation.

Jayen Chellum, a prominent critic of the budget, has expressed disappointment with the lack of vision for the country’s development.

“This budget is a missed opportunity to invest in research and development, particularly in light of the climate change crisis,” he said.

The budget has repeated measures announced in previous years, such as those in the biopharmaceutical sector and the construction of dams.

The budget has also been criticized for lacking a comprehensive approach to addressing key issues.

The minimum wage has been revised to Rs 20,000, but there is no mention of relative salary adjustments.

Chellum is also disappointed that there are no measures to reduce the price of gasoline and diesel, despite the global market trend showing a decrease in prices.

The reduction of Rs 50 on gas was long overdue, as the price had also decreased globally.

The budget has failed to address issues related to purchasing power, even though the Minister announced measures to control prices without providing details.

What is particularly galling in this budget is the Master Plan for extending the metro system. Why continue investing in this project when the financial report for the Port-Louis-Curepipe route is still pending?

According to Chellum, “This is showing a lack of transparency and accountability from the government. We need to see more transparency and less grandstanding.”

“This budget is all about winning votes and not about addressing the real issues facing our country,” he said. “We need a more sustainable and equitable approach to governance.”

Source: Le Mauricien

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