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Mauritian-Born Nathalie Daynes Leads MITCO as CEO



Mauritian-Born Nathalie Daynes Leads MITCO as CEO

Ciel Finance has promoted Mauritian-born Nathalie Daynes to the role of Chief Executive Officer of the MITCO Group, a holding company with fiduciary firms in Mauritius, Dubai, and the Seychelles.

This promotion took effect on 31st January, with Daynes succeeding Mahen Govinda, who transitions to Chairman of the MITCO Trust Company.

Daynes previously held the position of Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer before her recent appointment.

In her new role, Daynes will focus on sustaining growth, exploring new markets, and enhancing MITCO’s value proposition through innovative initiatives and technology adoption.

She aims to guide the group through a new phase of growth by leveraging collective efforts and transforming business activities to provide added value to clients.

Daynes, holding an MBA from Paris-Dauphine Sorbonne University, boasts a solid background in the Mauritian financial sector, with expertise in banking and fiduciary services.

Her understanding of macroeconomic influences and skills in client segmentation analysis position her as a valuable asset in supporting MITCO’s evolution amidst changes in compliance and digitalization.

Daynes is committed to driving the company forward and maintaining its position as a market leader in the financial services industry.

Source: Le Mauricien

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