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Apple’s 30% Commission Shake-Up: Mauritian Apps at Risk



Apple's 30% Commission Shake-Up: Mauritian Apps at Risk

Apple is facing new EU regulations that could impact Mauritian app developers. A law coming into effect in March 2024 will require Apple to allow third-party app stores on its smartphones.

Currently, developers must distribute their apps through the App Store and Apple takes a 30% commission on purchases. As a result, Mauritian apps may become paid if Apple implements these changes globally.

Software Consultant Bruno Bernard believes this could have significant repercussions for local developers. Apple will introduce a charge of 0.50 EUR for each app download exceeding one million times.

This new levy could hurt apps with over a million installations such as m-payment apps in Mauritius. However, demanding payment for apps in Mauritius may pose challenges as users are not accustomed to paying for apps.

It is uncertain whether Mauritius will be affected by Apple’s policy change or if it will only impact EU users and developers. The App Store does not display data on app downloads, making it difficult to track. Bruno Bernard highlights the complexity of tracking app downloads and the potential impact on Mauritian developers.

Apple has not provided clarity on how this policy change will affect Mauritius. The new regulations have created a showdown between Apple and the EU.

The potential consequences for local developers and consumers are significant. Apple’s compliance with EU regulations is causing concern among Mauritian app developers.

Source: Defi Media

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