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AI could tip the scales in the next elections



AI could tip the scales in the next elections
AI could tip the scales in the next elections

AI’s potential to influence elections through the generation of fake news and deep fakes is a growing concern among researchers worldwide.

The upcoming elections in Mauritius and other countries in 2024 are expected to be impacted by technologies like ChatGPT, Bard, and Copilot.

These AI tools can manipulate public perception by creating false news and manipulating videos and audio recordings of candidates.

ChatGPT-2, in particular, lacks the security filters against fake news found in newer versions, making it easier to generate deceptive content.

Experts warn that detecting AI-generated falsehoods is increasingly challenging, as the technology can produce realistic responses and imitate writing styles, making them harder to identify.

The rise of deep fakes also poses difficulties in verifying the authenticity of online content.

While AI itself may not be the true threat, individuals with malicious intentions who exploit these technologies pose a significant danger.

Researchers advocate for improved content moderation on social media platforms to address these concerns and highlight that heightened skepticism among internet users can inadvertently cast doubt on genuine information, compromising the flow of accurate information during election campaigns.

Source: Defi Media

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