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DPP Clarifies Controversy Surrounding Parliamentary Question



DPP Clarifies Controversy Surrounding Parliamentary Question
DPP Clarifies Controversy Surrounding Parliamentary Question

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has issued a statement to provide clarity on the recent controversy surrounding parliamentary question B/1706, which involves Labour MP Eshan Juman.

The question raised by MP Joanne Tour to the Prime Minister was about unauthorised accesses to the port area between January and May 2021.

The ODPP acknowledged the Prime Minister’s reference to the case against Eshan Juman and the ODPP’s decision not to pursue charges.

It clarifies that in May 2022, the Commissioner of Police forwarded the case to the ODPP for advice.

After reviewing all the evidence, the ODPP recommended no further action due to factors including Juman’s authorised access to the port area and his immediate reporting of the incident to Port Police Headquarters.

The ODPP expressed concern about the extensive criticism of its decision in Parliament, stating it remains unable to respond due to parliamentary immunity.

It highlighted the reported possession of the police file by the Prime Minister, stressing that criminal investigation files should not be disclosed to third parties.

Additionally, the ODPP noted comments related to the Financial Crimes Commission Bill but refrained from further comment “to avoid interfering with the ongoing democratic debate”.

It hinted at the possibility of issuing another statement at a more appropriate time, if necessary, but for now, it maintains their reservations and concerns regarding the bill.

Source: Le Mauricien

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