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56 Hopefuls Compete for ‘Konpoz to Lamizik’ 2024



56 Hopefuls Compete for 'Konpoz to Lamizik' 2024
Image source: Le Mauricien

Auditions for the Konpoz to Lamizik 2024 competition are now open and will take place on Tuesday, April 23 at N’JOY in Grand-Baie.

The competition, initiated by the Attitude group, received 56 applications for this new edition. Candidates were required to submit two original compositions, and two pre-selections took place on February 16 and April 11.

The candidates were then evaluated based on strict criteria. 20 artists were chosen to present at closed-door auditions.

Laurine Camangue, Social Media Executive of Attitude Hotels and project manager, shared that “for this 3rd edition, we received some great applications with a lot of potential.

The Attitude group applauds the participation of each candidate. This third edition of Kompoz to Lamizik is a beautiful artistic adventure for us, but above all, a human one.

Through this competition, we hope to showcase their art and introduce new talents from our island.”

It is worth noting that after the auditions, ten finalists will be selected for the grand finale, which will take place at N’JOY on April 30.

Source: Le Mauricien

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