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Vicar General’s Brush with Death, 2 Hours of Chaos



Vicar General's Brush with Death, 2 Hours of Chaos
Image source: Le Mauricien - Vicar General's Brush with Death, 2 Hours of Chaos

Vicar General Father Georgy Kenny has described the terrifying experience of being trapped in his car during severe flooding in Port-Louis.

He was among many vehicles stranded as the waters rose at La-Chaussée.

Father Kenny recounted to Le Mauricien how he felt the water rising in his car and was initially unable to open the door.

With the help of a passerby, they were able to force the door open and escape.

The scene was chaotic, with people running in all directions and helping each other.

Father Kenny has urged everyone to take responsibility for preventing similar situations in the future and reflected on the need for lessons to be learned.

He pointed out that Port-Louis turned into an open-air basin within two hours, causing devastation and loss of life.

Thankfully, Father Kenny eventually found a lift and was able to reach safety. He described the experience as a terrible nightmare.

Source: Le Mauricien

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