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Storm Belal’s First Victim: Dead Man Found Floating on Motorway



Storm Belal's First Victim: Dead Man Found Floating on Motorway
Storm Belal's First Victim: Dead Man Found Floating on Flooded Highway

Mauritius finds itself in the grip of a relentless class 3 cyclone, wreaking havoc across the island. As heavy rains continue to pound the region, flash floods have emerged, leaving destruction in their wake.

In a chilling turn of events, witnesses reported the sighting of an unidentified body floating amidst the raging floodwaters.

They are heard saying in Creole: “Ene dimoune ca! Dimoune ca!” (It’s a person! It’s a person!).

The victim is a resident of Pailles. His body has been transported to Jeetoo Hospital for autopsy purposes.

Police claimed that it is a road accident, without providing further details on the circumstances of this tragedy.

According to unconfirmed reports, at least three people could have been killed during the floods.

Emergency responders and search teams have been deployed to rescue stranded residents, provide assistance, and mitigate further damage.

The full extent of the damage and the recovery process will become clearer in the days to come, as Mauritius rallies together to overcome this immense challenge.

Source: Facebook

The cyclone warning class 3 remains in force, emphasising the ongoing danger and need for preparedness.

Source: Le Mauricien & Internet

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