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Mauritius Getting Ready for General Elections



Mauritius Getting Ready for General Elections

The upcoming general elections in Mauritius are slowly but surely approaching, as various indicators suggest that political activities are in full swing.

Not only is Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth making public appearances and implementing popular measures, but the Electoral Commission is also updating its list of officials who will work during the elections, along with mapping out polling stations.

The recruitment campaign within the government and public sector is rapidly picking up pace.

Numerous ministries and state-owned companies are actively seeking to fill various positions, with some organizations bypassing the usual Public Service Commission process.

For example, the Mauritius Film Development Corporation is recruiting professionals across different roles, while the Ministry of Education is looking to hire retired individuals as supply teachers to teach Creole in public schools.

Maurifacilities Ltd., a state-owned company, is seeking landscape technicians, heavy-duty truck drivers, and maintenance specialists.

Additionally, the National Environment Cleaning Authority has advertised vacancies for receptionists, clerks, and assistant procurement officers.

The Rajiv Gandhi Science Center Trust is recruiting clerks and electricians, while the Fire and Emergency Services department is in need of panel beaters.

The Ministry of National Infrastructure is offering engineering internships that lead to a recognized engineering license upon completion.

The Ministry of Health is also recruiting nurse trainees, and the police force has released public notices to enlist constables.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth recently announced the promotion of 1,785 police officers, including 1,500 to the rank of sergeant.

There is speculation among officials that another wave of promotions may be on the horizon.

Opportunities for taxi operators at the Plaisance airport are also in high demand.

The National Land Transport Authority is inviting applications from taxi drivers in 50 villages, such as La Rosa, Mahébourg, L’Escalier, and Petit Bel-Air, who wish to transfer their operations to the airport.

These drivers, who primarily serve local clientele, can expand their customer base by catering to tourists traveling between Plaisance and northern hotels.

Moreover, changes to electoral boundaries in certain constituencies, as recommended by the Electoral Boundaries Commission, will come into effect immediately after parliament dissolution.

Updates have been made to constituencies like Savanne-Rivière-Noire, Port-Louis-Nord-Montagne-Longue, Port-Louis-Sud-Port-Louis-Est, and Belle-Rose-Quatre-Bornes.

During voter registration exercises in January, electoral officials informed citizens about these changes, clarifying that they may not cast their vote at the same polling station as before.

In the event of a parliament dissolution after August 16, the Electoral Commission will use the 2024 voter list based on the old boundaries.

However, adjustments will be made for any election held after this date, subject to approval from the Supreme Court.

The commission has access to all relevant data and is prepared to implement these changes as needed.

Source: l’Express

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