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VP Seetohul Demands Rs 2M from Flacq Council President



VP Seetohul Demands Rs 2M from Flacq Council President

The Vice President of the Flacq District Council, Kavindranath Seetohul, has filed a defamation lawsuit against President Chandra Dev Bundhoo and three councilors, Deepvijay Gaonjur, Chandradeo Ramrup, and Dhanraj Kissoon, seeking Rs 2 million in damages.

This action comes after a council meeting where a motion of censure was passed against him. The case is set to be heard on May 6th.

In his complaint filed with the Civil Division of the Intermediate Court, Kavindranath Seetohul argues that the initial reason for the motion of censure was related to a question of majority within the council.

“It was because the council believed that I no longer had the majority,” he stated in his complaint.

However, during the meeting, the President and councilors brought up other issues, accusing him of misconduct and corruption.

The Vice President, who has been on the council for three years, maintains that his conduct has always been above reproach.

During this meeting, President Chandra Dev Bundhoo and his councilors alleged that Kavindranath Seetohul had tried to influence his colleagues in a legal case involving a relative.

These statements, reported by some media outlets, have had a significant impact on the reputation and personal life of the Vice President and his family, according to the complaint.

According to Kavindranath Seetohul, some members orchestrated this censure for political reasons, taking advantage of a favorable opportunity.

The meeting where this motion of censure was voted on was held under controversial conditions, with notable absences and a late summons, calling into question the legitimacy of the decision.

Tensions seemed to have reached a peak after the meeting on February 29th where the lighting project for Mare-La Chaux and Quatre-Cocos was discussed.

With councilors Ravi Jugoo and Printhivirajsingh Lilkunt absent, Kavindranath Seetohul reportedly requested to wait for their presence to clarify the matter, which was denied by the current team, triggering, according to him, the motion of censure.

Kavindranath Seetohul categorically denies these allegations and alleges a conspiracy.

In addition to the lawsuit, the Vice President has also written a letter to the Minister of Local Government, Anwar Husnoo, asking for the motion of censure to be overturned.

He believes that the internal rules of the council were not followed during the vote.

However, Minister Husnoo has not yet made a decision on this matter.

Source: l’Express

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