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March Against Gaza Genocide: Mauritians Unite in Solidarity for Palestine



March Against Gaza Genocide: Mauritians Unite in Solidarity for Palestine

Solidarité Morisyin Ar Lepep Palestinn (Somalp) and Lalit are organizing a peaceful march this Saturday at 1:30pm in Rose-Hill against the ongoing genocide in Gaza and in support of the liberation of Palestine and .

Participants will meet near the market, close to the stadium. “We will then march through the city center of Rose-Hill.

The necessary steps with the relevant authorities have already been taken,” they explain.

Since the start of the conflict between Israel and Gaza on October 7, 2023, Somalp and Lalit have initiated a series of actions, meetings, demonstrations, and clear positions in support of the oppressed Palestinians under the regime led by Benyamin Netanyahu.

“For several weeks and months now, we have been witnessing nothing less than a blatant genocide!

Many actions have been taken internationally by important organizations demanding that Israel cease its atrocities against the Palestinian people.

But in vain: Israel continues its horrors on the Palestinians!” they highlight. In over seven months, this conflict has resulted in over 33,137 deaths, including more than 13,000 children, according to the latest figures as of mid-week.

The Lalit/Somalp united front elaborates: “Israel is imposing famine on the Palestinians, it is unbearable.

They are committing such crimes with the support of the United States, which provides them with weapons, money, and diplomatic support to massacre this oppressed people.

All of this is revolting! Especially since Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian land is illegal.”

The organizers continue, “Each action, including Saturday’s march, weighs in on the scales to compel Israel to stop its barbarity, and for the United States to stop supporting them.”

Lalit and Somalp urge “all Mauritians, regardless of community, to join us,” before reminding that “around the world, it is ordinary citizens like us who are standing up for the people of Palestine. Your presence is important!”

Procedures for the march with the relevant authorities, starting with the police, have already been followed. “Our action this Saturday is primarily motivated by the immediate halt of this genocide!

In line with the campaign we have started, we once again ask the Mauritian government to join the action initiated by South Africa to denounce the ongoing genocide to the International Court of Justice.”

Lalit and Somalp also aim to intensify actions, such as the boycott campaign, divestment of national capital from companies operated by Israel, and clear and concrete sanctions against the state.

A global economic break, if taken internationally, according to these organizers, “will prompt an urgent and necessary ceasefire, thus saving the lives of many innocent children, women, and the population living in Gaza in inhumane conditions.

” Lalit and Somalp demand “a global embargo to block all arms shipments to Israel. Americans, British, and Germans should no longer supply arms to the Israeli army. “

“The same applies to financing and diplomatic support. Mauritius must sever ties with this country until it stops this genocide. We must not be complicit in this killing.”

The organizers add, “For years, Lalit and Somalp have denounced the apartheid system imposed by Israel on Palestinians. Israel’s military occupation in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, has lasted for 56 years. Mauritius has already spoken out against this situation before the International Court of Justice.”

Once again, Lalit and Somalp call for “the closure of the military base in Diego Garcia.”

Source: Le Mauricien

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