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MLC: Haniff Peerun Calls for Transparency in Recruitment Practices



MLC: Haniff Peerun Calls for Transparency in Recruitment Practices

In the government’s view to develop a National Employment Policy, the president of the Mauritius Labour Congress (MLC), Haniff Peerun, is advocating for more meritocracy and transparency in both public and private sector recruitment processes.

Peerun believes that steps need to be taken to address the public perception of a lack of transparency in public sector recruitments, where it is believed that those close to those in power are given preference.

He is calling for the results of exams organized by the Public Service Commission to be made public in order to erase any doubts and allow those who may have failed to better prepare for future recruitment exercises.

Furthermore, Peerun is pushing for all private sector recruitments to go through the Employment Office for greater transparency and meritocracy.

Additionally, he is calling for a reevaluation of salary and employment conditions to incentivize young people to stay in Mauritius.

“What is the point of providing free education from pre-primary to tertiary levels, funded by taxpayers, if ultimately young people seeking a better future immigrate to foreign countries?” he questioned.

Peerun’s calls for reforms in the recruitment process and improved working conditions highlight the need for a more transparent and fair employment system in Mauritius.

By addressing issues of favoritism and inequality in recruitment, the country can work towards retaining its young talent and fostering a more competitive labor market.

Source: Defi Media

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