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ACCA Exams: Mauritian Students Dominate Global Top 10



ACCA Exams: Mauritian Students Dominate Global Top 10

ACCA Mauritius has honored around forty students, both boys and girls, who achieved outstanding results in the 2023 exams by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) at the High Achievers Celebration (HAC).

Many of these students have performed exceptionally well, ranking in the Top 10 globally in certain modules, with two students even securing a place in the Top 5.

Toolsi Devi Boojhawon claimed the third spot worldwide in Strategic Business Leader, while Beverly Halie Yim Fan Chan Soon Sen secured the fourth spot in Financial Reporting.

The Top 10 list also includes Hayyan Bhaukaurally, ranking 5th in Performance Management, Sania Jackaria Essack and Muntasir Diljore, both ranking 7th in Financial Management and Strategic Business Reporting respectively, Beeneswar Dhurandar (8th in Advanced Audit and Assurance), Aliya Sabryya Moos, ranking 9th in Performance Management and Isabelle Meelin Cheng Hum Yuen, ranking 10th in Advanced Taxation.

Other students have also ranked among the top fifteen or twenty globally in various ACCA modules.

The HAC is an annual event that brings together award-winning candidates and their families. ACCA Mauritius recognizes the top results achieved in Mauritius by students who took exams at each of the three Levels of ACCA studies in March, July, September, and December.

The top Affiliates, those who have completed all ACCA courses and exams with combined results, are also rewarded.

Several sponsors funded the certificates and shields that were presented, including KPMG Mauritius, London College of Accountancy (LCA), BDO & Co, Deloitte, Alliot (Mauritius) Ltd, McMillan Woods, and PwC Mauritius.

Yuven Peechen ACCA, Lecturer at the London College of Accountancy and former ACCA Prize Winner, shared his personal experience and choices, urging students to believe in their abilities, find motivation in life’s challenges, and support their country.

He emphasized that achieving success in the ACCA exams is just the beginning of a new journey towards greater accomplishments.

Madhavi Ramdin-Clark, Head of ACCA Mauritius & New Markets, highlighted the importance of ethics in becoming a qualified accountant and emphasized ACCA’s focus on providing knowledge beyond technical accounting to prepare students for advisory and leadership roles.

ACCA qualification is equivalent to a UK Master’s degree and equips students with practical knowledge applicable in the workplace.

ACCA Mauritius encourages students to pursue their studies at ACCA-accredited institutions to ensure adherence to ACCA standards in courses and facilities.

The ACCA has a three-level recognition program, with Platinum being the highest level.

In Mauritius, the London College of Accountancy (LCA) is the only institution with Platinum recognition, while several others have Silver status.

There are only four ACCA Platinum training partners in the African region.

After completing all ACCA studies and passing the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 exams, former students are not yet qualified accountants.

To become ACCA Members, they must demonstrate their professional skills over a 36-month period and pass the ACCA ethics exam, proving their ethical compliance.

ACCA qualification is globally recognized, with 247,000 members and 526,000 students in 181 countries and territories.

The ACCA continually updates its curriculum to meet the evolving economic, social, and technological needs and align with the growing responsibilities of accountants in strategic analysis and advisory.

In Mauritius, over 80% of accountants are ACCA Members.

Source: Le Mauricien

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