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Is Ken Arian’s Exit MSM’s Loss of a Key Player



Is Ken Arian's Exit MSM's Loss of a Key Player

The case of Ken Arian, once considered the “blue-eyed-boy” of the Jugnauth family, is now shrouded in uncertainty. What prospects lie ahead for him and the MSM during this election year? Ken Arian’s resignation from his position on the board of Air Mauritius, and the strong likelihood that he will soon no longer be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airport Holdings Ltd, suggest that his days within the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) are also numbered.

Within the party, several members are pondering the political implications of such a situation, especially in this election year. “The uncertainty surrounding Ken Arian’s case, just a few months before the general elections, raises political questions.

Since being part of the Prime Minister’s inner circle, he has been very active on all fronts to ensure the MSM benefits politically from different situations. His contribution to the 2019 general elections cannot be ignored,” says an advisor at the Government House.

He adds that the loss of Sherry Singh, who has also been a pillar of the party since 2014, as well as a potential departure of Ken Arian, could “have serious implications for the MSM. “Ken Arian’s role in the MSM’s political strategy since 2017 is considered crucial. The various poaching campaigns within the MMM are often attributed to Ken Arian.

Additionally, several ministers and MPs agree that he was among those who worked to poach Alan Ganoo and Steven Obeegadoo. Finally, the campaigns to discredit the opposition are also credited to Ken Arian. “He played an active role in implementing communication campaigns to discredit the opposition.

These campaigns, often carried out through traditional media and social networks, were designed to highlight the supposed weaknesses of the opposition and strengthen the image of the MSM as a dominant and competent political party,” it is also noted at the Government House.

However, other sources close to the Prime Minister insist that it is essential to continue trusting Pravind Jugnauth. Indeed, according to some MPs and ministers, the current situation is causing concern and confusion as many party members have had the opportunity to witness the importance of Ken Arian.

Nevertheless, the government’s greatest asset remains Pravind Jugnauth. “Yes, we are probably losing an important element, but ultimately, he is just one element of the team. The main asset has been and remains Pravind Jugnauth.

If he believes Ken Arian’s place is no longer within the MSM, we must trust him.” A former senior official, who had the opportunity to observe Ken Arian in action between 2017 and 2019, expresses surprise at the hysteria surrounding Ken Arian.

According to Former Senior Official, if he were truly ousted, it would actually be a “blessing in disguise.” He points out that Ken Arian has never managed to gain consensus, either within the MSM or within the Prime Minister’s Office. “We had no choice but to put up with him because we knew he had the ear of the Prime Minister and his family.

But pretending that he is a great asset to the MSM is completely delusional,” he asserts. Wakashio, MK…Another former minister also highlights that over the years, Ken Arian has embodied the unpopularity of the MSM in the public opinion.

He specifically mentions the disastrous management of the Wakashio shipwreck, a case where Ken Arian was at the forefront, as well as the recent disruptions at Air Mauritius with flight cancellations, which he considers “Ken Arian’s trademark.”

This same former minister would not be surprised if the whole saga surrounding Ken Arian has been finely orchestrated to remove him from the race during the election campaign. “Knowing that the opposition will inevitably criticize the management of Air Mauritius during the electoral campaign, by excluding Ken Arian, the government would send a signal regarding its intentions to restore order within the institutions,” he explains.

All this suggests a deliberate political strategy to defuse opposition attacks regarding the controversial management of Air Mauritius. By excluding Ken Arian from the electoral race and presenting it as a measure to restore the integrity and efficiency of institutions, the government may hope to mitigate criticism and regain the trust of the electorate.

Concerning Ken Arian’s future specifically, although current indications suggest his relationship with the MSM will soon be a thing of the past, there are also hints that the CEO of Airport Holdings Ltd has not played all his cards yet. Despite his unpopularity among some ministers, it is suggested that if he manages once again to convince of his strategic importance in the eyes of the Jugnauth family, he may well bounce back as he did in 2021.

At that time, several of his detractors believed they had finally gotten rid of him. So, while Ken Arian is being criticized, he is known for his ability to deftly navigate the corridors of power and maintain influential relationships within the government.

If, once again, he succeeds in solidifying his position by demonstrating his strategic utility, he could benefit from a new political lease of life, even after appearing on the brink of obscurity.

Source: Defi Media

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