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Ken Arian Quits Air Mauritius Board



Ken Arian Quits Air Mauritius Board

Ken Arian, the CEO of Airports Holding Ltd, has resigned from the board of directors of Air Mauritius.

In a statement sent to Defi Media he stated: “I cannot endorse the poor governance.”

Ken Arian, however, will remain the CEO of Airport Holdings Limited for the time being.

Atma Bumma, spokesperson for MK, confirmed his resignation as a board member of Air Mauritius on Monday.

Arian’s resignation comes only days after that of Air Mauritius CEO Kresimir Kucko.

The Croation, Kresimir Kucko, had been suspended since September 15th following information received by the board that he, along with Chief Finance Officer Jean Laval Ah Chip, who was also suspended, had enjoyed a stay in Bordeaux, France, funded by a company that Air Mauritius does business with.

He had been appointed in December 2022 and therefore only served as CEO for barely 10 months before being suspended.

Source: Defi Media

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