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New Deputy CEO at PTP Fuels 2024 Racing Rumors



New Deputy CEO at PTP Fuels 2024 Racing Rumors
Image source: l'Express / Internet

People’s Turf Plc (PTP) is shaking up its hierarchy somewhat. Indeed, a new Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been hired to handle the day-to-day running of the company. His name is Amal Luvnish Bhageerutty. This choice raises questions. Is it a rebuke for the current CEO? Or is it a result of the expansion of activities desired by Jean-Michel Lee Shim?

What do we know about Amal Luvnish Bhageerutty? Not much! He lives in Triolet and is said to hold a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Finance.

He was an accounting intern at a hotel in 2019 before joining KPMG in 2020 as an associate. However, he reportedly resigned in 2022. After that, he disappeared from the radar, only to resurface at PTP two years later through the main entrance.

Why this choice when a CEO has been in place since the inception of the new racing organizer? Rumors suggest there has been discord between Khulwant Ubheeram, the current CEO of PTP, and the management around Jean-Michel Lee Shim.

Several projects for 2024 supposedly did not receive the necessary attention from the CEO to be carried out. Also, the current CEO’s perceived difficult nature and uncontrolled verbal exchanges made it necessary to hire an assistant.

On the other hand, other rumors point to Lee Shim’s increasing horse racing operations. Besides the Champ-de-Mars, the gaming magnate aims to make horse racing possible at Petit-Gamin.

While PTP and the equestrian center are separate entities, employees can be transferred at the chief’s request. Several important details regarding Petit-Gamin have not been finalized in time to receive approval from the authorities.

“The CEO’s task would be herculean in the current configuration,” it was explained. Especially since, apart from the current CEO and Jean-Michel Lee Shim, no other prominent figure can manage the company’s affairs. This will change with a Deputy CEO from now on.

When will the season kick off?

This shake-up at PTP nonetheless reflects the desire to start the season as soon as possible. May is the target month, which raises concerns as the Champ-de-Mars horses are currently only trotting. The wooden structure placed on the sand track for the March 12 celebrations prevents any lap around the track.

Only Lee Shim’s horses can train at Petit-Gamin at the moment. Starting the season without horses like Daby, Mahadia, Sewdyal, Maingard (to name a few), Narang, and Ruhee “would be bland.” A month and a half will not be enough to get the horses back in top shape. “It’s more serious than you think,” says a trainer.

For Petit-Gamin, it may be necessary to wait until after the elections. The current government is reportedly not keen on risking incidents on a completely new track. “It would be counterproductive a few months before the general elections,” reacted an observer.

It has been reported that journalists will soon be able to visit Petit-Gamin, both to see the infrastructure and the 70 new horses imported for the 2024 season.

Otherwise, another reason is being suggested for the likely postponement of Petit-Gamin for 2024, at least for now. It has been reported that three Malagasy employees of Global Equestrian have ended up in Chaland detention center.

The reason cited? Irregular papers when stepping on Mauritian soil. When contacted, an official handling the matter for Global Equestrian confirmed the news, but the discussion was brief. It is said that this decision has not been well received by Lee Shim’s associates.

While some talk about a turning point in the relationship between Lee Shim and the current government, others mention an administrative misunderstanding that has now been clarified.

Source: l’Express

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