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15 Councillors Shake Up MSM Dynamics in Flacq Political Scene



15 Councillors Shake Up MSM Dynamics in Flacq Political Scene
Image source: Le Mauricien

A vote of censure against the vice-president of Flacq DC, Kavindranath Seetohul, passed by 15 councillors against 5. Chairperson Vicky Bundhoo has had her invitation to be the Chief Guest at Goopeechand Chuttur School for Independence Day celebrations rescinded. Councillor Maudhoo has filed a Precautionary Measure with the police, citing fears of further reprisals.

The political situation in the East remains tense, with the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) apparently losing ground, following tensions at the Flacq District Council. The censure motion filed on Monday against vice-president Kavindranath Seetohul was passed yesterday by 15 councillors against 5, out of the 26 in office, with two abstentions and four others out of the country.

This motion, initiated by councillor Deepvijay Gaoonjur of Camp-de-Masque Pavé, was supported by Darmalingum Armugam of Queen-Victoria. They accuse the vice-president of attempting to influence the Public Health Committee in a decision regarding his father-in-law, Satyadev Soogrim. The latter owes the District Council Rs80,000 for auction fees. He allegedly tried to persuade council members to agree to waive these claims.

Councillor Gaonjur explained that Seetohul had engaged in reprehensible behaviour and should have resigned. Dhanraj Kissoon (Centre de Flacq) added that the council should be able to operate within a framework of justice and transparency.

Chandradeo Ramrup (Camp de Masque) stated that the council had no agenda against the vice-president, but the individual in question had pushed for the adoption of such a motion against himself.

Ultimately, the motion was passed and now the Chief Executive must inform the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government, Anwar Husnoo, of the outcome of the vote in order to arrange the election of a new vice-president.

Clearly, after the downfall of Kishore Jeewooth, a protege of former MSM minister Vikram Hurdoyal, another close associate of MSM members from the No 9 constituency (Flacq/Bon Accueil) is facing the wrath of councillors from Eastern villages.

With Chairperson Vicky Bundhoo and a new vice-president to be appointed by the group of 15, the Flacq District Council is slipping out of the MSM’s reach just months before the next general election. Bhawna Husraj (Grande-Retraite) is the front-runner to replace Kavindranath Seetohul. She is seen as being close to the Labour Party (PTr) in certain political circles in the East.

Furthermore, after yesterday’s vote, signs of political unrest have emerged. Chairperson Vicky Bundhoo’s invitation to be the Chief Guest at Independence Day celebrations at Gopeechand Chuttur School in Ecroignard has been revoked. Despite being scheduled to deliver the government’s message to students, he was informed yesterday that he was no longer on the programme.

It seems that the District Council President has not had the support of the MSM since being elected by the group of 15 councillors on December 28. A minister from the East visited the council yesterday to express dissatisfaction with the turn of events in recent months.

Meanwhile, Visham Maudhoo, councillor of Lallmatie and the nephew of Minister Sudheer Maudhoo, filed a Precautionary Measure yesterday, citing fears of reprisals following the censure vote against Kavindranath Seetohul. He claims that since the vote against Kishore Jeewooth last year, he has been subjected to threats and intimidation.

Visham Maudhoo was actually arrested by the PHQ Special Striking Team after a thorough search of his home. A syringe containing ketamine was found at his residence and he was released on bail.

With these latest developments, there is a growing sentiment on the ground that the MSM has been hijacked at the Flacq District Council, as the countdown to the next general election is well underway…

Source: Le Mauricien

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