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Port Louis Municipality Tackles Flood Issues After Investigative Report



Port Louis Municipality Tackles Flood Issues After Investigative Report
Image source: Le Mauricien

While part of the concrete covering the stream has already been destroyed, the fate of other obstructive structures, including a fast-food restaurant and parking areas, remains uncertain pending a Supreme Court judgement.

The Lord Mayor, Mamode Isoop Nujurally, emphasises the municipality’s commitment to implementing the recommendations for public safety.

Senior Magistrate Ida Dookhy-Rambarun’s report, released after a lengthy inquiry, highlights the disastrous consequences of impeded water flow in the Pouce Stream during the 2013 floods.

The historical context, as uncovered by historian Georges Lewis Easton, reveals past mistakes in urban planning that exacerbated flood risks in Port Louis.

Easton’s findings, dating back to 1979, emphasized the importance of maintaining natural waterways and avoiding construction near vulnerable areas.

The municipality is facing resistance from vendors occupying areas earmarked for demolition, leading to speculations about the delayed action against certain prominent structures.

However, the Lord Mayor dismisses claims of favouritism and asserts the equal treatment of all structures identified for removal. He acknowledges the urgency of the situation but is unable to provide a specific timeline for the demolitions.

Concerns over the potential impact of the remaining structures on water flow and flood risk continue to grow, especially in light of recent flooding incidents in Port Louis.

The necessity for prompt action to mitigate future flooding disasters is paramount, with the safety of citizens being the top priority for the municipality.

Discussions about the historical failures in urban planning and the need for sustainable development practices are reignited in the wake of these events.

The historic significance of the Pouce Stream and Company Garden, intertwined with the city’s colonial past, adds layers of complexity to the decision-making process.

The municipality must navigate between preserving historical landmarks and ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in the face of climate change and urban development challenges.

As the debate rages on social media and within local communities, the municipality is tasked with making informed, timely decisions to address the pressing issues surrounding water management and flood prevention in Port Louis.

Source: Le Mauricien

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