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Mauritius Allows Cruise Ship to Dock After Cholera Scare



Mauritius Allows Cruise Ship to Dock After Cholera Scare
Image source: BBC News

The Norwegian Dawn, a cruise ship, has been granted permission to dock in Port Louis, Mauritius, following concerns of a cholera scare onboard. Authorities in Mauritius conducted thorough checks and found no evidence of cholera, allowing the ship to proceed.

Initially, at least 15 individuals were isolated due to a stomach ailment, prompting suspicions of cholera, but it was later confirmed to be gastroenteritis. The Director of Mauritius Ministry of Health, Dr. Bhooshun Ori, confirmed the diagnosis and assured that affected passengers have fully recovered.

Mauritian authorities had initially barred the ship’s entry to mitigate potential health hazards. The stomach-related symptoms among passengers emerged during a voyage to South Africa, according to a spokesperson from Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. Despite the delay, passengers maintained calm onboard, engaging in various activities like lounging by the pool, attending shows, and visiting the bar.

Passengers will undergo health screenings upon disembarkation, with medical assistance provided by the Ministry of Health. A Dutch passenger revealed that the ship’s captain had warned about the possibility of a cholera outbreak.

Meanwhile, in Southern African countries, including Zambia and South Africa, cholera outbreaks have led to numerous deaths since January 2023.

The wellbeing of passengers and public health remain top priorities for authorities, as stated by the Mauritius Ports Authority. The Norwegian Dawn arrived in Mauritius ahead of schedule, accommodating over 2,000 passengers and 1,000 crew members. Approximately 2,000 passengers were expected to disembark in Port Louis, with another 2,000 slated to board simultaneously.

Disembarkation and embarking on the cruise are scheduled for the 27th of February, according to the Norwegian Cruise Line spokesperson.

Source: BBC News

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