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18 Day Woman’s Kidnap Horror: Beau-Bassin Man’s Troubled Past Revealed



18 Day Woman's Kidnap Horror: Beau-Bassin Man's Troubled Past Revealed

Man arrested for kidnapping ex-girlfriend for 18 days. The Beau-Bassin CID, led by Sergeant Ram, has arrested a 36-year-old unemployed man from the town, accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend (34 years old) for 18 days. The man was brought before the Rose-Hill court the same day where a provisional charge of kidnapping was brought against him. He remains in custody. He denies the allegations and accuses the complainant of stealing a car from his yard. The complainant, on the other hand, stated that she took the vehicle to escape and end her captivity.

According to the victim, on January 26, her ex-boyfriend spoke to her, saying he still had feelings for her. He convinced her to come and live with him in Beau-Bassin, promising to be a changed man. She fell for his words and moved in with him. However, four days later, she realized he had deceived her and was in a relationship with someone else. When she expressed her desire to leave, he became angry and violent, threatening to harm her. She was held captive for 18 days, subjected to physical and mental abuse.

On the evening of February 17, she managed to escape by taking a car from her ex-boyfriend’s yard. She went to her family in Crève-Coeur and reported her ordeal to the police. She described enduring physical and mental torture during her captivity. Additionally, the current girlfriend of the suspect filed a complaint for theft on February 17, stating that he had borrowed her car and claimed it went missing. The car was returned after the keys were handed over by the woman from Crève-Coeur.

This is not the suspect’s first offence, as he was previously arrested for kidnapping and holding a woman in captivity in January 2017. When the police arrived at his place, he released eight purebred dogs on them and was apprehended after a chase in Beau-Bassin. Swords and sharp weapons were seized from his home at the time. The suspect has a record of around twenty cases, including drug offences and theft.

Source: Le Mauricien

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