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Rodrigues Saves the Day with Tons of Veggies Shipment to Supply Mauritian Kitchens



Rodrigues Saves the Day with Tons of Veggies Shipment to Supply Mauritian Kitchens

Rodrigues is mobilising its farmers to help address the vegetable shortage in Mauritius, with a shipment expected on the 2nd of March. The island plans to produce 1,000 tons of onions for the Mauritian market, highlighting its potential as a food reserve. The focus is on providing quality, fresh produce without genetic modification or excessive chemical inputs.

Despite an initial expectation of a vegetable shipment, 7,000 lemons have arrived in Mauritius instead of the anticipated pumpkins and spinach from Rodrigues. However, efforts are being made to introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables from Port Mathurin, aiming to alleviate the ongoing vegetable shortage.

Commissioner Louis-Ange Perrine explains that efforts to export excess vegetables to Mauritius require careful selection to ensure only top-quality produce is sent. Plans are in place to send a significant quantity of lemons to Mauritius in early March, with hopes of encouraging more farmers to participate in the export initiative.

Despite rising vegetable prices in Rodrigues, initiatives are being taken to allow farmers to sell their excess produce directly to the public at affordable prices. The Agriculture Commissioner is encouraged by the increased interest in agriculture among local farmers and the potential for job creation in the sector.

Rodrigues is gearing up to export 1,000 tons of onions to Port Louis, with efforts to promote the island’s agricultural products and engage in agricultural business practices. A focus on natural fertilizers and sustainable agriculture methods is emphasized in the upcoming export plans.

Beneficial rainfall in Rodrigues has boosted agricultural activities, with the successful use of hillside reservoirs for water storage. Farmers are encouraged to participate in the construction of these systems, contributing to the island’s agricultural success and potentially influencing prices in the market.

Efforts are underway to reduce reliance on intermediaries in the vegetable market, providing opportunities for farmers to directly sell their produce to consumers at reasonable prices. Measures such as the Sunday Market in Terre Rouge aim to expand access to affordable vegetables for residents.

Source: Le Mauricien

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