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Dengue Alert: 50+ Cases Daily, Tourists Under Surveillance



Dengue Alert: 50+ Cases Daily, Tourists Under Surveillance

The dengue situation in Mauritius has sparked concerns in both public health and the tourism sector. Operators are doubling down on efforts to minimize risks. President of the Association of Tourism Professionals, Daniel Saramandif, believes the situation is under control.

The disease is currently a concern in Mauritius with 50-80 new cases daily. Health authorities are fighting the epidemic while tourism operators are also on high alert. Saramandif notes no booking cancellations due to dengue yet. Tourists are informed and take precautions when traveling, which reassures operators.

While hotel risks are low, outdoor activities demand increased vigilance. At Le Grand Bleu hotel, activities continue as normal despite the dengue situation. Articles about the epidemic could deter tourists planning to visit Mauritius. Outdoor activity operators, especially in forests, may experience a slowdown. However, with preventive measures, activities could continue as usual.

La Vanille Nature Park hasn’t felt the repercussions of dengue yet. Government efforts like ‘fogging’ aim to eradicate the disease threat. Business as usual at La Vallée de Ferney with no significant attendance impact. The high tourist season looks promising with a slight increase in arrivals. At La Vallée de Ferney, vigilance is key as they monitor the situation closely. Efforts are made to clean and disinfect boats among the boaters.

The Mauritius Hotel and Restaurant Association remains confident in mitigating risks. They keep members informed on the national disinfection campaign. Intensive actions are taken in high-risk regions to limit the spread of the disease. Hoteliers observe no impact on tourist arrivals yet. Collective effort is crucial to maintain cleanliness in private spaces and prevent mosquito breeding.

Recommendations include eliminating potential breeding sites, protecting oneself from mosquito bites, and following health authorities’ advice. Operators are intensifying preventive measures to combat the spread of dengue. Awareness campaigns educate customers and staff on preventive actions. Fumigation and regular cleaning practices are in place to ensure safety. The government’s ‘fogging’ campaigns are crucial in eradicating the disease threat.

Shakeel Nundlall shares that fumigation is done 3-4 times a week at Le Grand Bleu. Employees are educated on protective measures to prevent the disease. Boaters are urged to clean and disinfect their boats after every trip to combat dengue proliferation.

Prem Beerbul emphasises the importance of thorough cleaning and disinfection practices. The repercussions of the dengue epidemic are yet to be fully felt in Mauritius’ tourism sector. The government’s efforts and intensified preventive measures by operators aim to maintain control over the situation. Vigilance, collective effort, and continuous communication are key in combating the spread of dengue in Mauritius.

Source: Defi Media

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