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559 Active Dengue Cases: Mauritius Battles Outbreak



559 Active Dengue Cases: Mauritius Battles Outbreak
Image source: l'Express

The Health Minister chaired the fifth meeting of the multisectoral committee at his ministry’s premises yesterday, Monday 19 February. During this meeting with various partners, an overview of the situation in Mauritius was presented. “We have teams operating in different regions and hospitals on the island. Examinations are carried out on infected individuals, either directing them to hospitals or advising them to stay at home for treatment. Visits are organized over periods of two, five, and seven days,” highlighted Kailesh Jagutpal.

He once again urged the population to take necessary precautions, especially regarding cleaning their environment. The ministry can also rely on the collaboration of Business Mauritius in these cleaning campaigns. “We have also strengthened our teams for fumigation and treatment, larviciding, following a well-established protocol.” Although he expressed satisfaction with the situation on the ground, Kailesh Jagutpal reminded the importance of remaining vigilant, especially in light of meteorological forecasts predicting cyclonic activity.

Regarding measures to be taken in case of infection, Kailesh Jagutpal specified that the doctor will decide whether the person should be hospitalized or should stay at home. “Visits will be made for those staying at home. The person is entitled to ten days off, whether in the public or private sector, to avoid any risk of transmission.” He added that infected individuals should also limit their movements.

As of 18 February, the country had 559 active cases. The most affected region remains Port Louis with 303 cases, followed by the North with 174 cases, Plaines-Wilhems with 48, the South with 16 cases, the West with 13 cases, and the East with five active cases.

Source: l’Express

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