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Mauritius Issues Warning 2 as Tropical Cyclone Approaches



Mauritius Issues Warning 2 as Tropical Cyclone Approaches
Source: Mauritius Met Office

The meteorological department in Mauritius has issued a cyclone warning class 2 as Tropical Storm Eleanor continues to intensify and move towards the island.

The latest bulletin, issued at 0410 hours on Wednesday 21 February 2024, reports that Eleanor is currently located about 630 km to the north-northeast of Mauritius with gusts near the centre reaching 110 km/h.

Met forecasters predict that Eleanor will recurve towards the south and eventually assume a south-south-west trajectory at an accelerated speed, putting Mauritius at risk of potential impact.

As a result, the public is advised to take preliminary precautions to ensure their safety.

Weather conditions are expected to deteriorate as Eleanor approaches, with clouds associated with the storm bringing passing showers, particularly to the East, South, and over high grounds.

Wind speeds are forecasted to increase to about 25 km/h, with gusts reaching 60 km/h, and sea conditions becoming very rough with swells beyond the reefs. Consequently, the public is warned against venturing out to sea.

Source: Mauritius Meteorological Services

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