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Mauritius Tourism Flops: Failure to Reach 1.3 Million Visitors



Mauritius Tourism Flops: Failure to Reach 1.3 Million Visitors

The tourism sector is slowly recovering, but still failing to meet the targets set by the authorities. In 2022, the goal of one million tourists was not achieved. And again in 2023, the mark of 1.3 million tourists was not reached.

It has taken extreme patience to know the true figures of the sector for 2023, as these data were supposed to be published by Statistics Mauritius since January 11.

Finally, it was not until Friday, February 16, more than a month late, that they were made public on the statistics office’s website.

In any case, the number of arrivals for 2023 amounted to 1,295,410, compared to 997,290 in 2022, representing a significant growth of 29.8%.

In detail, the number of French visitors reached 319,522 in 2023. At the same time, 118,546 Germans stayed in Mauritius, along with 30,307 Italians and 145,873 British visitors.

It is also worth noting that 134,222 Reunionese visited the country last year, as well as 106,169 South Africans.

As for tourist revenues, the news is excellent as they amount to Rs 85.9 billion. This is a significant improvement compared to 2022, when revenues totaled Rs 64.8 billion.

The country has thus achieved a remarkable 32.6% increase in its tourist revenues compared to the previous year.

Source: Le Mauricien

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