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Frenchman’s Rs 47k Theft and a Brit’s Car Stolen in Mauritius



Frenchman's Rs 47k Theft and a Brit's Car Stolen in Mauritius

A 60-year-old French tourist alleges being a victim of theft at a private clinic located in the district of Pamplemousses. In his complaint, the foreign national explained that he had been admitted to intensive care from 11th to 18th February due to pneumonia. Upon his discharge, he noticed the disappearance of his mobile phone and watch, valued at around Rs 47,000. A police investigation is ongoing.

Another holiday turned into a nightmare for a 75-year-old British tourist, whose rental car was stolen while parked outside the house he is staying at in La Preneuse. The incident occurred between Wednesday and yesterday. The key to the vehicle was in the kitchen. The tourist believes the thief gained access to his home through a window. The car was last seen in Plaine-Verte. The retiree arrived in Mauritius on 15th February and plans to return home on 1st March. Police have launched an investigation.

Source: Defi Media

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