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Valayden vs. MES: Son Denied School Spot at MGI



Valayden vs. MES: Son Denied School Spot at MGI

The Department of Education and MES defend their decision. Rajen Valayden and his son Shankaran received support from some citizens on Monday, February 19th. Activist Rajen Valayden, who is seeking a place for his son at Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI), is facing strong objections from the defendants. The case was brought before Chief Justice Rehana Mungly-Gulbul on Monday, February 19th.

The Minister of Education and the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), as defendants, submitted their affidavits yesterday to request the dismissal of Rajen Valayden’s application. Both parties cite fair treatment in accordance with the 2015 Education Regulations, arguing that the admission process was conducted based on established criteria.

MES refuses to disclose the list of candidates admitted to MGI after the Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC) results, and to offer a place to his son in the institution. The case has been adjourned to February 26th.

Through her Acting Director of Education, Chaya Surajbali-Bissoonauth, the Minister filed an affidavit in response to Mᵉ Pazhany Rangasamy’s, Rajen Valayden’s lawyer, affidavit. In the document, she outlines the timeline surrounding the PSAC results and emphasizes that parents are invited well in advance to fill out a form indicating their choice of college based on their residential area.

The Ministry of Education maintains that a place is allocated based on choices, place of residence, and results. Shankaran Valayden was offered a place at Ébène SSS after obtaining a total of four units. On December 20th, he requested a transfer, and on December 29th, he was informed that there was no place available.

The Ministry believes it followed all criteria and sees no reason to review its decision. The Minister asks the court to reject Rajen Valayden’s request, arguing that “the applicant invites the court to interfere with the statutory powers conferred on the defendant by several laws.”

MES, through its Deputy Director, Dr. Bhai Imtehaze Ahsun, also responded to Rajen Valayden’s affidavit, pointing out that Shankaran Valayden had only chosen MGSS Moka from the list of 20 colleges available in his area by filling out the form. MES refuses to disclose the list.

Source: l’Express

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