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Rajen Valayden’s Son Denied School: Scandalous Admission Process Exposed



Rajen Valayden's Son Denied School: Scandalous Admission Process Exposed

Rajen Valayden is still fighting to secure a place for his son at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI). The Minister of Education and the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate are not willing to disclose the list of candidates admitted after the PSAC results, nor offer a place to Valayden’s son.

Chief Justice Rehana Mungly-Gulbul rejected a request for an urgent hearing, stating that the case must be fully prepared before proceeding. Valayden’s son has been out of school for over a month, with no resolution in sight.

Mr. Pazhany Rangasamy has requested that a hearing date be set as soon as possible. He emphasized the urgency of the situation, explaining that the child is still being deprived of education. However, the Chief Justice rejected this request, arguing that the case must be ready before being scheduled for a substantive review.

The next hearing date has been scheduled for February 19 for the exchange of affidavits. Valayden claims that his son is being unfairly denied a place at MGI due to his anti-government activities.

He believes there has been a fraudulent admission process favouring less qualified candidates. Valayden is seeking transparency and fairness in the admission process at MGI. He alleges that national security and territorial integrity are at stake.

The case is set to bring a political dimension to the forefront. Valayden’s son risks missing an entire term if the court does not act swiftly. The urgency of the situation is being overshadowed by procedural delays.

Valayden is determined to fight for his son’s right to education. The exchange of documents is crucial in determining the outcome of the case. Rajen Valayden continues to push for justice and transparency in the admissions process at MGI.

Source: l’Express

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