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Mauritius Hit by 50-80 Daily Dengue Cases Surge



Mauritius Hit by 50-80 Daily Dengue Cases Surge

The island is currently facing a dengue epidemic, with between 50 and 80 new cases being reported daily. Doctors have warned that the epidemic may last for several months before subsiding. To combat the spread, a fumigation campaign was launched on February 16th.

The Health Minister has reassured the public that the situation is not yet alarming, but efforts are being made to address the significant increase in cases compared to previous outbreaks.

Various methods, including fumigation exercises and the release of sterile male mosquitoes, are being implemented to reduce the mosquito population.

Mauritius Hit by 50-80 Daily Dengue Cases Surge

A comprehensive mosquito eradication campaign has been initiated in the most affected areas with the involvement of various organizations. Despite the high daily case count, health centers are managing and treating patients.

The World Health Organization highlights the global increase in dengue cases, reflecting the current situation in Mauritius.

Citizens are urged to take responsibility for managing mosquito breeding grounds to prevent further spread. The months of February and March are crucial in determining the progression of the epidemic. Early rainfall and water accumulation pose challenges to ongoing mosquito control efforts.

Dr. Badulla emphasizes the need for continued fumigation and public cooperation to combat the epidemic.

While the situation may worsen in the coming months, a decrease in cases is anticipated in March. Dengue-related deaths are attributed to the virus’s complications.

Dr. Jaumdally stresses the importance of controlling mosquito proliferation to prevent severe symptoms and hospitalizations. Mauritius is still in a phase of occasional outbreaks, akin to the situation with Covid-19.

Overall, a multi-faceted approach involving government interventions, public awareness, and individual responsibility is crucial in addressing the dengue epidemic effectively.

Source: Defi Media

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