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Mauritius: 2nd Dengue Death – Authorities on High Alert



Mauritius: 2nd Dengue Death - Authorities on High Alert

A second death linked to dengue has been confirmed in Mauritius by the Department of Health. The victim, an 88-year-old patient with existing health complications, passed away in a clinic.

This follows the recent death of a 44-year-old resident from Goodlands. Currently, Mauritius has 539 active cases of dengue, while Rodrigues has 173. Since its emergence on December 11, dengue has proven fatal in two cases in Mauritius.

The latest death highlights the severity of the disease, especially for individuals with underlying health issues. Dengue, transmitted by mosquitoes, can progress to a severe form known as severe dengue, with potential complications such as dengue shock and severe bleeding.

These complications can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Individuals with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or immunosuppressive disorders are at higher risk for serious complications from dengue.

Authorities are closely monitoring the situation in Mauritius, noting the influence of heavy rainfall on dengue cases. It is essential to seek medical assistance immediately upon experiencing symptoms like high fever, body aches, or nausea.

The Department of Health stresses the importance of early intervention to prevent serious complications from dengue.

Source: l’Express

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