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Class I Cyclone Alert: Storm Eleanor Threatens Mauritius



Class I Cyclone Alert: Storm Eleanor Threatens Mauritius
Image source: MMS

The first cyclone bulletin for Mauritius was released at 10:10 on Tuesday 20 February 2024.

A tropical depression located far to the north of Mauritius has intensified into a Moderate Tropical Storm, now named ELEANOR by the Mauritius Meteorological Services as of 10pm last night, Monday 19 February 2024.

At 10am today, Moderate Tropical Storm Eleanor was positioned approximately 680 km to the north of Mauritius near latitude 14.0 degrees South and longitude 58.4 degrees East.

Over the past 12 hours, Eleanor has been moving in a general easterly direction at a speed of around 12 km/h. Weather models suggest that Eleanor is likely to turn towards the south and then south-south-west, posing a potential threat to Mauritius.

A cyclone warning class I is currently in effect in Mauritius, and the public is advised to take precautionary measures.

Today’s weather will range from partly cloudy to cloudy with passing showers, especially in the East, South, and Central Plateau regions. As Eleanor approaches, conditions are expected to deteriorate with moderate to heavy thundery showers starting Wednesday evening.

Winds will be coming from the east at speeds of around 20 km/h, reaching gusts of up to 55 km/h.

Sea conditions will gradually become very rough with swells beyond the reefs, so it is recommended that the public avoids going out to sea. The next bulletin will be issued around 4:10pm.

Source: Mauritius Meteorological Services

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