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500 Reunionese stranded: Air Mauritius pays up €100/night



500 Reunionese stranded: Air Mauritius pays up €100/night

During Cyclone Belal, 500 Reunionese passengers of Air Mauritius were stranded in Mauritius and faced significant inconvenience, resulting in protests at Plaisance airport.

Air Mauritius has agreed to compensate these passengers with €100 per night per person from January 17 onwards.

The collective of Reunionese passengers successfully negotiated the compensation to cover the days they were stuck on the island due to the cyclone.

Air Mauritius will also provide financial support for passengers affected by mechanical issues or weather conditions during the ordeal. Each case will be individually assessed to offer an appropriate response to the affected passengers.

The airline has received complaints from some passengers, but the collective did not centralise these requests. Air Mauritius remains reluctant to disclose the total cost of compensating the stranded passengers.

Despite this unusual measure, the airline does not plan to establish a precedent for future financial compensation in case of force majeure events. The gesture towards the affected passengers is meant to ensure that Reunionese travelers feel taken care of and comfortable in Mauritius.

Air Mauritius has expressed apologies for the difficulties experienced by the passengers during the cyclone disruptions in January. Many Reunionese passengers faced uncertainty and frustration due to flight delays and cancellations caused by Cyclone Belal.

Some passengers even staged a protest at SSR Plaisance airport.

Source: Defi Media

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