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1st Post-Grad Journalism Diploma: UoM & Défi Media Collab



1st Post-Grad Journalism Diploma: UoM & Défi Media Collab
Image source: Defi Media

The University of Mauritius and The Défi Training School have collaborated to offer a new Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism starting in July 2024. This one-year course aims to enhance the journalistic skills of bachelor’s degree holders.

Enrollments are currently open on the university’s website. The course, led by lecturers from UoM, combines theory and practical aspects to equip students with updated skills. Christina Chan Meetoo, a Media and Communication lecturer, highlights the course’s focus on improving journalism skills for those already in the field.

The program allows for further studies towards a Master’s degree after completion. Practical sessions will include the expertise of journalists to benefit students. Yanis Husson, Head of Marketing at Défi Media Group and coordinator of The Défi Training School, emphasizes the program’s aim to train competent and professional journalists in Mauritius.

Internships will provide students with hands-on experience in the field. Interested individuals can register for the course on the UoM website. The collaboration between these institutions fills the gap for a dedicated journalism school in Mauritius.

The course aims to prepare students for the demands of the profession upon completion. It provides an opportunity for aspiring journalists to enhance their skills and profile. Special attention is given to students working in the press to update their knowledge and capabilities. The partnership between UoM and The Défi Training School marks a significant advancement in journalism education in Mauritius.

The Défi Training School aims to mentor and specialize students so that they are ready to meet the demands of the profession upon completion of the course, which lasts for two semesters. Interested individuals can register on the UoM website:

Source: Defi Media

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