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Storm: No Threat as Djoungou Strengthens, Meteorologists on Alert



Storm: No Threat as Djoungou Strengthens, Meteorologists on Alert

The tropical storm Djoungou is strengthening into a severe tropical storm. According to the Vacoas meteorological station, it will continue to strengthen and has reached the intensity of a tropical cyclone since last night.

However, the weather forecast states that it does not pose a threat as this system will continue to move away from the Mascarene Islands to the southeast. But another low-level circulation was observed off the northeast coast of Madagascar on satellite images yesterday morning.

Uncertainties remain regarding its intensity and movement. There is a low probability that this system will be named by Tuesday. The meteorological station is closely monitoring its evolution.

As for the weather forecast for today, it indicates passing showers, mainly in the east, south, and central plateau. Showers are expected to be more frequent on Saturday. The wind will blow from the east-southeast at a speed of around 25 km/h, reaching up to 50 km/h.

Source: l’Express

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