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Air Mauritius Flight Attendant Behavior Upsets Rodrigues’ Chief Commissioner



Air Mauritius Flight Attendant Behavior Upsets Rodrigues' Chief Commissioner
Image source: Defi Media

On an Air Mauritius flight: Johnson Roussety criticises the behavior of a flight attendant. He felt humiliated on board an Air Mauritius flight to Mauritius. That’s how Rodrigues Chief Commissioner Johnson Roussety, 48, felt while on an official trip to Mauritius on February 7.

During the flight, Johnson Roussety claims to have faced the “hysterical and harsh” behaviors of an MK flight attendant. The Rodrigues top official says he does not know the identity of this flight attendant.

He explains that while the plane was still on the tarmac at Plaine Corail before takeoff, he was reprimanded by this flight attendant: “In an authoritarian manner, she ordered me not to use my mobile phone, and I complied.”

Furthermore, Johnson Roussety adds that the same flight attendant, using a “military” tone, reproached him for always having his briefcase with him: “You should either place your briefcase in front of you or behind you.”

In response, Johnson Roussety asked for clarification from the flight attendant. However, he deplores the language used by this MK attendant out loud in the aircraft towards a steward: “Hey, he’s not putting his bag where it should be.”

Feeling humiliated and fearing future issues with this flight attendant, upon arrival at Plaisance airport, Johnson Roussety rushed to the airport police station where he lodged a complaint about this incident. The police have initiated an investigation.

Source: Defi Media

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