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Dengue outbreak in Mauritius: 289 cases, urgent action required



Dengue outbreak in Mauritius: 289 cases, urgent action required
Image source: Le Mauricien

The dengue outbreak in Mauritius has reached an alarming level, with Port-Louis and surrounding areas facing a rapid increase in cases due to climate factors conducive to mosquito breeding.

A total of 289 cases have been recorded since December, with 130 currently active cases as of February 1st.

The Ministry of Health has introduced a new protocol called Domiciliary Medical Visit (DMV) to provide medical follow-up for patients at home after a brief hospitalisation.

Authorities are calling for collective responsibility in combating the epidemic, urging residents to take proactive measures to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and follow health guidelines.

Dengue has become a major public health concern across the island, with urban areas being particularly affected.

The issue of broken dump trucks hindering waste collection has exacerbated the situation, prompting calls for immediate action to address the health risks posed by the dengue outbreak.

The mayor of Quatre-Bornes is under pressure to acquire new vehicles for waste collection and seek assistance from private companies and other municipalities to mitigate the crisis.

In response to the urgency of the situation, an emergency procurement may be initiated to address the waste management challenges contributing to the spread of dengue.

Public sensitisation and preventive measures are crucial in protecting public health and reducing the impact of the epidemic, especially given the asymptomatic nature of dengue in many cases.

The increasing number of active dengue cases underscores the need for swift action to control mosquito populations and minimise the risk of further spread.

Authorities are emphasising the importance of testing for dengue symptoms, such as fever, body aches and vomiting, to identify and treat cases early.

The high prevalence of dengue in Port-Louis and nearby regions necessitates a coordinated effort to contain the outbreak and prevent its escalation.

With the health of citizens at stake, immediate measures must be taken to address waste management issues and implement effective mosquito control strategies to curb the spread of dengue in Mauritius.

Source: Le Mauricien / Le Mauricien2

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