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Mauritius Ranks 55th in Corruption Index, Transparency Commission Condemns



Mauritius Ranks 55th in Corruption Index, Transparency Commission Condemns
Mauritius Ranks 55th in Corruption Index, Transparency Commission Condemns

Financial Crimes Commission: Transparency Mauritius “condemns” the reduction of powers of the DPP. Transparency Mauritius welcomes the establishment of the Financial Crimes Commission but nevertheless “condemns” the reduction of powers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) while the current system was functioning properly.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, January 30th, the organization welcomes Mauritius’ ranking at 55th place in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, with a score of 51 points. The country has gained 1 point in the ranking, mainly due to a recent announcement made during the last budget, stating the intention to introduce legislation to regulate the situation of whistleblowers, according to Transparency Mauritius.

However, the organization still awaits the adoption of the whistleblowing law. All recent attempts at collaboration between Transparency Mauritius and the authorities to develop this law have been in vain, the organization points out. Transparency Mauritius notes several obstacles that prevent a significant improvement in Mauritius’ ranking for several reasons.

The organization notes that democracy in our country is hindered by various abusive and unfair behaviors, particularly within Parliament where many MPs struggle to question the executive for more transparency and accountability. Furthermore, the funding of political parties remains a source of questionable money flow.

Legislation on political party funding is essential to clean up this situation and prevent bought votes that may compromise the integrity of elections. It also adds that the right to information remains a sensitive issue in the country, while legislation in this regard could help reduce low and medium-level corruption.

Moreover, citizens feel that high-level corruption and political corruption remain unpunished in our country, with few cases reaching the courts despite a long list of offenses, Transparency Mauritius indicates. The organization reiterates its call for a national strategy to fight corruption. Transparency Mauritius encourages all citizens to exert pressure for a fairer Mauritius.

Source: Defi Media

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