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400-500 Nurses Risk Losing License Due to CPD Lapse



400-500 Nurses Risk Losing License Due to CPD Lapse
400-500 Nurses Risk Losing License Due to CPD Lapse

Hundreds of nurses in the public health sector are at risk of being unable to practice this year, as they have failed to meet the required CPD points set by the Nursing Council Regulations.

Between 400 and 500 nurses may be affected, along with a similar number of doctors. Failure to obtain the necessary five points for license renewal in 2023 means they may not be able to continue their practice.

With approximately 4,600 registered nurses under the Nursing Council, this could lead to a significant shortage in the workforce.

Nursing Council

The situation is currently uncertain, as a new Board for the Nursing Council has yet to be established since the October 2023 elections.

The outgoing president and the Registrar are currently only dealing with routine matters and cannot make decisions on the suspension of nurses.

The new Board will determine the fate of these nurses and decide on measures to allow them to take remedial courses and obtain the required points.

However, some argue that the responsibility lies with the nurses themselves, as they were provided with ample training sessions. In the absence of a functioning committee, the Council’s affairs are being handled by the president and the Registrar.

Source: Defi Media

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