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Mauritius in the Grip of Dengue Epidemic: 141 Infected



Mauritius in the Grip of Dengue Epidemic: 141 Infected
Mauritius in the Grip of Dengue Epidemic: 141 Infected

The Ministry of Health in Mauritius is warning of a worsening dengue epidemic caused by a surge in mosquito numbers.

Dr. Diana Iyaloo, head of the Division of Vector Biology and Control, attributes the increase in cases to a proliferation of tiger mosquitoes that is twice as large as last year.

From two to three sporadic cases of dengue in December 2023, Mauritius has now reached 10 to 15 new cases per day since the start of the year. This is according to Dr. Kursheed Meethoo-Badulla, coordinator of non-communicable diseases at the Ministry of Health.

The Breteau index, a measure of larval breeding sites, has also seen a sharp increase from 5 in January 2023 to 13 this year.

The Ministry of Health is urging the population to take precautions, such as protecting against mosquito bites and eliminating breeding sites.

Efforts to control the situation are being hampered by inaccessible yards and frequent rain showers, rendering traditional methods less effective.

To combat the mosquitoes, 500 lethal traps will be deployed in the worst-affected areas.

Currently, there are 56 active cases of dengue out of the 141 recorded since December 11th, 2023. Infected individuals are being isolated in hospitals and clinics.

Symptoms of dengue include high fever, body aches, headaches, and skin discoloration.

Source: Defi Media

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