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Sick of Waiting: South’s Water Woes Last 6 Days



Sick of Waiting: South's Water Woes Last 6 Days
Sick of Waiting: South's Water Woes Last 6 Days

Residents in the South of the country are growing increasingly angry as water cuts continue following the passage of Belal.

Villages such as New Grove, Balisson, and Rose-Belle are particularly affected, with residents dealing not only with the aftermath of the storm but also with the hardship of severe water cuts.

The situation has left a large portion of the southern population without access to clean water since last Sunday.

Frustration is mounting as the water utility, CWA, fails to address the issue despite numerous complaints. Residents are forced to spend money on bottled water and are unable to cook or wash properly.

Tensions have escalated to the point where New Grove residents staged a protest at the CWA headquarters, resulting in the deployment of another water tanker.

However, the problem persists, and more residents are expressing their grievances at the CWA office.

The confrontation revealed that the pumps necessary for water distribution were lost during the cyclone, leaving residents feeling disillusioned about the lack of preparedness.

The CWA claims to have acquired a new pump and promised its installation over the weekend, but until then, residents are forced to rely on alternate arrangements, such as using relatives’ shower facilities.

The lack of resolution in the situation has left residents feeling helpless and frustrated.

Source: Le Mauricien

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