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Potential Cyclone Threat: ‘Candice’ Warning 3 on the Horizon



Potential Cyclone Threat: 'Candice' Warning 3 on the Horizon
Image source: MMS

The sixth cyclone bulletin for Mauritius warns of a potential threat as a low pressure system approaches the island. Recent satellite imagery shows a weak circulation without convective clouds, leading to limited rainfall.

The active clouds are far from the system’s center. The low pressure system is currently located 200 km to the north-north-east of Mauritius and is moving southwards at a speed of 12 km/h. As it nears the Mascarenes, it is expected to change course towards the south-southwest, intensifying in the process.

A cyclone warning class II is in effect, and the public is advised to take necessary precautions. Clouds associated with the system will intermittently pass over the island, causing occasional rain, especially in the eastern, southern, and elevated regions.

The rainfall may be of moderate intensity with a chance of thunderstorms, resulting in local water accumulation. Winds from the east-south-east are currently blowing at 25 km/h, gradually strengthening with gusts of 65 km/h.

The sea conditions beyond the reefs are hazardous, and the public is urged to avoid going out to sea. Most numerical models indicate that the low pressure will slowly intensify and likely become a Moderate Tropical Storm named “Candice” by tomorrow afternoon.

Weather conditions are expected to worsen, with an increase in wind speed and more frequent rainfall. A cyclone warning class III will likely be issued tomorrow morning at 0400 hours. The next bulletin will be released around 22h10.

Source: Mauritius Meteorological Services

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