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Doctors Won’t Allow 300 Unlicensed Colleagues to Attend Catch Up Sessions



Doctors Won't Allow 300 Unlicensed Colleagues to Attend Catch Up Sessions
300 Doctors Fail Licensing Requirements, PMPA Opposition Spurs Debate

The Private Medical Practitioners’ Association (PMPA) strongly opposes the Medical Council’s proposal to allow 300 doctors who failed the Continuing Professional Development Programme to attend catch-up sessions.

The PMPA argues that this would be unfair to the 2,700 doctors who diligently obtained their licenses by earning the necessary 12 points annually through trainings and conferences.

These 300 doctors failed to meet the requirements, either deeming the trainings irrelevant or citing time constraints.

Consequently, their licenses were not renewed, barring them from practicing in 2024.

The PMPA contends that the Medical Council should not permit these doctors to practice until they provide proof of earning the required points.

The organization believes it is unjust to ignore the lack of effort of a few doctors while the majority complied with the rules.

The Medical Council is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Health on the matter.

Source: Le Mauricien

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