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Near-Collision Above Southern Mauritius Under Investigation



Near-Collision Above Southern Mauritius Under Investigation
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The Department of Civil Aviation has launched an investigation into a near-miss between an Air Mauritius plane and an Air Austral plane.

The incident occurred on January 3rd above the southern region of Mauritius, with both planes filled with passengers.

The Air Austral plane had just taken off while the Air Mauritius plane was in descent.

Both pilots were alerted to the potential collision and avoided it without passengers realising.

Although there was no damage, the incident is being taken seriously and investigations are underway to determine responsibility and prevent future occurrences, Defi Media reported.

Additionally, Air Mauritius has experienced delays in several flights due to technical problems with two of their aircrafts.

Passengers traveling with Air Mauritius have faced multiple delays in recent days, affecting flights from Paris, South Africa, England, India, La Réunion, and Rodrigues.

Frustrated passengers have criticised the lack of information and consideration from Air Mauritius officials at foreign airports.

These issues can be attributed to technical problems with two aircrafts in the company’s fleet: an A350 and an A330.

As the company’s fleet is currently operating at full capacity during this busy period, these breakdowns have had a significant impact on operations.

However, Air Mauritius expects flights to return to normal by this Tuesday as both aircrafts are now operational.

Source: Defi Media

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