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CEO Suspended: 3 Grievances, 1 Controversy, Infinite Tensions



CEO Suspended: 3 Grievances, 1 Controversy, Infinite Tensions
Image source: Defi Media - URA CEO Suspended: 3 Grievances, 1 Controversy, Infinite Tensions

The CEO of the Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) has been suspended following conflicts with senior executives.

Mbulelo Ncetezo faced allegations of inappropriate behavior towards interns, failure to submit the organization’s annual report on time, and insufficient preparation for a board meeting.

However, Ncetezo’s supporters claim that these justifications are baseless and serve as excuses.

Tensions reportedly escalated when Ncetezo scrutinised the academic qualifications of a senior executive, causing divisions within the board.

The sensitive case involving CorexSolar International Ltd also played a role in Ncetezo’s suspension, as his decision to delay granting a permit due to an ongoing corruption investigation added to the tensions.

Concerns now arise regarding the approval of the permit for CorexSolar, which faces difficulties securing land for its solar farm project.

The suspension has created uncertainty and mistrust among URA technicians, fearing professional consequences.

The Officer-in-Charge declined to comment, citing legal regulations. Ncetezo confirmed his suspension.

The URA aims to ensure sustainable and efficient public services, protect consumer interests, and promote competition within the sector.

Source: Defi Media

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