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Price Hike Alert: Economist Warns Mauritius of Rising Costs!



Price Hike Alert: Economist Warns Mauritius of Rising Costs!
Price Hike Alert: Economist, Pierre Dinan Warns Mauritius of Rising Costs!

Economist Pierre Dinan has expressed concern about the potential for an increase in prices in Mauritius.

He has said that the overall rise in wages will lead to higher production costs, which will then result in higher prices for products.

Dinan has emphasised the importance of not only labour, but also other factors such as land and maritime resources, as well as effective management, in the production process.

He also highlighted the need for Mauritius to stand out in international markets, particularly in manufacturing, by offering unique value to attract and satisfy customers.

Additionally, Dinan has warned about the risk of Mauritian companies relocating to regions with cheaper labor costs if the cost of labour continues to rise in Mauritius, which could impact the competitiveness of their products.

Source: Defi Media

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