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Opposition Alliance announces “5 solemn commitments”



Opposition Alliance announces “5 solemn commitments”
Image source: Le Mauricien - Opposition Alliance announces “5 solemn commitments”

The opposition alliance, comprising the Labour Party, MMM, and PMSD, has announced its “5 solemn commitments” for the future.

The leader of the alliance and the Labour Party, Navin Ramgoolam, spoke about the Speaker of the National Assembly, stating that he has the impression that the Speaker doesn’t really know what his “job” is.

“We will restore the value, the golden letter, and the dignity of Parliament, and we will have a Speaker who knows how to do his job,” said Navin Ramgoolam.

As the second commitment, he mentioned the immediate replacement of the Financial Crimes Commission as soon as they come into power.

The third commitment is the establishment of a Constitutional Appointment Authority to make appointments in the public sector.

The fourth commitment concerns pensions. “We guarantee that pensions will be more than Rs 13,500. We will also protect pensions against inflation.”

Finally, he expressed concern about young people leaving the country and stated that the opposition alliance has made a decision to “restore hope to the country, we will take measures to make young people want to return to their homeland.

There will be no income tax for young people between 18 and 28 years old.”

Source: Le Mauricien

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