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Bérenger: “Pravind Jugnauth has been led astray”



Bérenger: “Pravind Jugnauth has been led astray”
Image source: Defi Media - Bérenger: “Pravind Jugnauth has been led astray”

Paul Bérenger criticised Pravind Jugnauth at the end-of-year celebration of the MMM, accusing the Prime Minister of being naïve and foolish in his handling of the Chagos issue.

Bérenger also condemned Jugnauth’s attitude in the National Assembly and expressed his belief that the issue would be addressed by a potential government composed of the Labour Party, MMM, and PMSD after the next general elections.

He criticised Jugnauth for hinting at postponing the elections and noted that the MSM does not have the majority to do so.

Bérenger also expressed solidarity with the victims in Palestine and blamed the Americans for the ongoing massacre.

He voiced his satisfaction with the performance of the Labour/MMM/PMSD alliance during the year.

Source: Defi Media

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